Feminism and Makeup

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The Year of women
It is the year of the woman; 100 years have passed since the suffragettes took their stand and protested and campaigned to get women the right to vote. Equality for women has progressed rapidly due to the brave actions of people who believe we should not be discriminated against due to our gender.
However, gender equality is still a taboo with people arguing that, despite protests and legislation to protect people from being treated unfairly, it still exists. Feminists would argue that there are still many areas of life that are male-dominated and views within society promote a male-dominated world. Louise Pentland from A Sprinkle of Glitter spoke in-depth about how marriage is still dominated by male-biased tradition in her video. I also spoke of how fairy tales have pushed an unequal view of relationships and promoted male-dominated stereotypes.

Does feminism breed empowerment or hatred?

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